Integrated Logistics Services

Integrated Logistics Services

            As UTG, with our experienced logistics professionals, we assume full responsibility of our clients' logistics activities and processes. We deliver key-ready supply chain solutions and enable our business partners to focus on their core activities and save on time and resources for their competitive advantage.

            Along with integrated logistics services, we also offer cutting edge e-commerce solutions for industrialists and enterprises engaged in international trade to deliver a truly end-to-end experience in logistics activities, a key process for businesses of every size.

           As for every item in our services portfolio, responding to the unique requirements of our business partners and building an unshakeable feeling of trust is at the center of our integrated logistics solutions as well.

Our Locations;

  • Muratbey Bonded Warehouse - 5000 m2 Bonded Warehouse, Bonded to Muratbey Truck Customs
  • Ambarlı Bonded Warehouse - 5000 m2 Bonded Warehouse, Bonded to Ambarli Sea Port Customs
  • Esenyurt Warehouse - 5000 m2 Warehouse Close to Airports and Ports of Istanbul

Our Main Services Under the Integrated Logistics Services

  • Bonded or Unbonded Storage
  • Distribution
  • Quality Check
  • Counting and Damage Control for Received Products
  • Labeling, Barcoding, Palletizing or Repackaging
  • Inventory Acceptance, Tracking and Reporting

Our Main Solutions Under the E-Commerce Logistics

  • Inventory Acceptance, Tracking and Reporting
  • Order Picking
  • Package Barcoding
  • Order Packing
  • Invoicing
  • Adding Promotional Materials and Inserts
  • Micro Distribution Across the Country
  • Acceptance of Returns, Their Control and Reentering to the Stocks
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