Express Courier

Express Courrier Transportation

             For our business partners, UTG offers express courier services to 201 countries including deliveries of important documents as well as light and precious cargo to ensure dramatic improvements in cost and time efficiency. For your courier shipments to be organized according to the world standards of micro export, we benefit from the strength of our well established suppliers that have a track record of flawless service provision and ensure all processes are protected by professional liability insurance.

            Additionally, UTG Customs Brokerage offers world wide consultancy services to suppliers providing postal and courier services in 400 different locations around the globe.

           As for every item in our services portfolio, responding to the unique requirements of our business partners and building an unshakeable feeling of trust is at the center of our courier transportation as well.

our Main Services Under the Express Courrier Transportation

  • Door to Door Express Transportation for Documents and Packages
  • Exact Time Delivery (Same Day, Next Day, or Exact Time Selection)

  • Online Tracking System
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